Customer Commitment


Our long-term relationships are the foundation of our business. We are committed to providing non-intrusive service that exceeds expectations. Our customers know their needs are our top priority.


Mike Kootman


Branch Metal provides timely pick up for our industrial scrap customers. While we understand that removal of scrap metal is not our customers’ first priority, they do require service that does not hinder their efficiency. Our customers know they can rely on our dispatching and our drivers to be a seamless department of their business.


Over the past 70 years, we have established relationships all around the globe. Our connections enable us to market your material, providing the best price available.




The generation of usable material is an issue that many customers face on a daily basis. In handling our customers’ scrap material, we often look to market it as a usable material. Again, our connections allow us to get the best price for your material whether it is industrial scrap or a usable material.



In today’s market, many companies are selling scrap directly to mills, but are not set up to process the materials to meet the mills’ specifications. With our equipment and experience, Branch Metal can effectively handle the processing of your material for shipment. Please contact our office for more information on material handling.




The professionals at Branch Metal are actively involved in the local, national and worldwide scrap metal industry. The connections we have enable us to give up-to-date market information to our customers. In addition, we are often able to help our customers’ purchasing agents by informing them about forecasting trends in the market. This service enables our customers to make well-informed decisions in purchasing their new production material.

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