Customer Commitment


Our long-term relationships are the foundation of our business. We are committed to providing non-intrusive service that exceeds expectations. Our customers know their needs are our top priority.


Mike Kootman



Markets for recycling material are driven by demand, composition, quality, size, shape, and weight of the material. Consumers of scrap material (i.e., mills, smelters and foundries) pay premium prices for products that have been processed to meet strict specifications. Our experience and relationships in the industry and our state-of-the-art equipment enable us to stay within the guidelines of our consumers’ specifications to obtain a premium price for our customers’ scrap material. This allows us to give our customers competitive prices for all of their material.




When your material arrives at Branch Metal, it will be weighed on our digital State of Missouri certified scales. Your material will then be graded and sorted according to whether it is ferrous or non-ferrous, and sent to the proper area for processing. The material is then segregated and packaged for optimum value to the customer, and to be free of contamination before sending it to the consumer. The material is now ready for shipment. Whether the material is being loaded in loose form or packaged in gaylord boxes, bales or on skids, our record shows our consumers’ exceptional satisfaction with the product and the packaging. We ship material all around the world and use the necessary logistics to meet delivery times and deadlines.



We strive to maintain a consistent procedure for all material so our customers and consumers always know what to expect when doing business with Branch Metal. We stand behind our work and products and will do everything we say we will do.



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