Customer Commitment


Our long-term relationships are the foundation of our business. We are committed to providing non-intrusive service that exceeds expectations. Our customers know their needs are our top priority.


Mike Kootman


 Branch Metal offers a wide variety of equipment to handle your scrap collection. One of our experts will perform an on-site inspection to determine the best way to handle the collection and removal of your scrap. We have found that effective handling can help reduce expenses and allow us to provide premium prices for your industrial scrap.



Gaylord Boxed & Pallets

Tote Boxes

Variety of sizes and styles

Self Dumping Hoppers


Load Lugger Containers

5 sizes to meet your needs

8 Yard – 18 Yard

Custom built – Leak Proof or Locking Lids


Low or high side open top

Roll Tarp Trailers

Flatbed Trailers

Van Trailers



Customized Equipment

If our standard equipment does

not meet your needs, we will design

and build equipment to suit your specific requirements

Custom sizes

Leak-proof and Drainable containers

Locking lids

Scales installed at your facility


In certain situations, it is beneficial to both parties to install scales.


If you are interested in scales, please contact Mike Kootman (

or at (314) 867-7500 for more information.

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